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Life insurance that pays you while you're alive for critical illnesses

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What is Critical Illness Insurance ? 


What is Income Protection?  Wrapped around a term life insurance policy. Income protection does just that, it protects your income when sickness or disability strikes. Health Insurance will cover most all of your hospital bills, minus your deductible and out of pocket maximum. But what about all of the other thousands of dollars in bills you have every month?  Who is going to replace your income? What if you need to pay to help relatives move closer? Critical Illness, Accident Disability, Long Term Care, these things happen to people every day. 


So why don't more people have this kind of protection? That's why we're spreading the word.


Wouldn't you rather get a check for $100,000.00 - $500,000.00 instead of a get well card?


Before now there was just option "B", the old way where you had to buy 3 different policies including Critical Illness, Disability, Long Term Care that could cost as much as a house payment.


Now there is an Option "A". Safe Harbor term protection. An inexpensive way to protect you and your family when life happens.


Choose THE NEW WAY - SafeHarbor

The new way that allows you to protect your family with $25,000 - $475,000.  A tax free check deposited straight into your account that will allow you to provide for your family. Be kind to your self while YOU recover and heal when the unexpected strikes.  Life insurance that truly helps you through life's toughest times, but critical illness protection is even more crucial.  Let safe Harbor be there when  life happens.   Fill out the form to below for a personal quote today.