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Oregon Health insurance statistics and health insurance plans by city in Oregon

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Available Health insurance plans differ from state to state. Use this health insurance resource to find more information about the health plans offered in your home state. Then enroll online in less 10 minute or call our agents for no charge  assistance 1-877-578-0907

Shopping for your own health insurance can be frustrating, confusing, even if you know what you're looking for. Oregon residents have a big selection of insurance plans to choose from and finding the right match for your needs isn't easy.

At Health Options Insurance, we offer the biggest selection of US health plans from leading insurance companies on the Marketplace and Off of the marketplace( Non -subsidized health insurance). We allow you to compare plans side by side, read customer reviews, apply for coverage online and get personal help from licensed agents. Use the links below to learn about your Oregon health insurance options, what health reform means for Oregon residents and the tax benefits available when you buy coverage for yourself, your family or your small business / self employed.

Can I get health insurance cheaper somewhere else? US Health insurance rates( AKA premiums or price per month  ) are filed with and regulated by the Department of Insurance in the state you are purchasing health insurance. Consider that if you buy from Health Options Insurance( us ), your local agent( us ), or direct from a health insurance carrier, in any situation you'll pay the exact same same monthly rate.  With this said, it allows you to take the advantages and convenience of our express enrollment ( 5 minutes or less on average ) purchasing your health insurance coverage with the assistance of Health Options Insurance and be certain you're getting the best pricing available.


Health Options Insurance is redefining individual benefits and becoming the nations leading online source of health insurance information with quality year around health insurance assists. Health Options Insurance is a certified partner. This means we have access to exclusive WebBroker tools to by pass the headaches of Through our  express online enrollment  thousands of health plans underwritten by more than 180 of the nation's health insurance companies, including Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Compare plans side by side, get health insurance quotes,